Do I Qualify?

For many low-income job seekers and employees, there is a way to get to work.

Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) is a program that provides curb-to-curb transportation for qualified low-income residents to get to a job site or job-training program in the Albuquerque area.

To Qualify for Job Access:

You must meet the following requirements:


You must live in Bernalillo County. Trips can be provided to and from Sandoval County, as long as your residence is in Bernalillo County.

Job Access Taxi

Transportation will be provided for:

    • Jobs
    • Job training
    • Child care required for a job and/or job-related training

Transportation will only be provided if:

    • bus service is not available,
    • if a bus stop is more than ¼ mile away from your home or your destination,
    • or it takes 1 ½ hours or more to get to your home or your destination using public transportation.

Transportation is not available for side trips (such as grocery shopping or doctor's appointments).

If you meet any of these eligibility qualifications and are interested in learning more,

>> Complete the pdfJob Access Application (English)
>> Complete the pdfJob Access Application (Spanish)


To request this information in an alternate format (eg., Braille, large print, audio), please contact Customer Service at 1-866-795-7245 or click here to download the request form.