Bus Policy Changes 2015

The Rio Metro Regional Transit District is making changes to the bus Riders Guide. A new Deviated Fixed Route Policy and No-Show Policy for the buses have also been developed. These policies will become effective on April 6, 2015.

Riders Guide

rio metro bus safety collageRio Metro is developing a Riders Guide that will be available in both full length and consolidated versions. The Riders guide will detail how to use Rio Metro’s Dial a ride and bus services.

pdfView the Full Length Riders Guide
pdfView the Consolidated Riders Guide

Deviated Fixed Route Policy

A Deviated Fixed Route policy is being developed by Rio Metro in order to create more flexible, regularly scheduled routes. Although Deviated Fixed Routes are not currently offered, this policy will be used as a guide to management, dispatchers, and drivers in the future.  

pdfView the Deviated Fixed Route Policy

No-Show Policy

A No-Show policy has been created in order to improve service efficiency. A No-Show occurs when a rider does not cancel a trip within 2 hours of their scheduled pick-up time. A rider will receive a warning letter for the first two No-Shows. Subsequent No-Shows may result in a temporarily suspension. The No-Show policy will also provide an appeals process for appealing any documented No-Show.

pdfView the No-Show Policy