Segway Mobility Devices

segwayCustomers with a disability using a Segway as a mobility device are to be accommodated on Rio Metro buses and New Mexico Rail Runner Express trains. Operators are to accept any form of authorized identification indicating that the customer has a disability (e.g. Medicare card, ABQ RIDE Honored Citizen Card, ABQ Ride Sun Van Paratransit ID card, Santa Fe Ride Card or Santa Fe Trails Half Fare Card, Disabled Veteran’s ID card  or disability parking placard).



Boarding with a Segway

  • Customers using a Segway must maneuver it onto the lift without assistance from the Train Conductor/Bus Operator and it must be secured in the wheelchair securement area and nowhere else. 
  • Train Conductors may assist with securing the Segway or removing the securement devices if needed or requested. 
  • Bus Operators will assist with securing the Segway or removing securement devices if needed or requested.
  • The Segway may be “on” but in either standby or walking mode when being maneuvered onto the bus lift.
  • The customer may accompany the Segway on the bus lift but may not ride it while the bus lift is moving. The Segway must be in the “off” position during this time.
  • When using a ramp to board the train or a low floor bus, the customer may push or pull the Segway onto the train/bus.
  • The Segway must be turned off and remain off once the customer reaches the securement area. Use a minimum of two straps on thetrain and four straps on the bus to secure a Segway. Place the straps around the best securement location for the Segway. 
  • When secured, the Segway should not move more than two inches in any direction.
  • Once secured, the Segway will remain in the “off” position.

It is recommended that the customer sit in the closest available seat to the Segway. If no seats are available on the train, the customer shall stand as close to the Segway as available. Standing is not allowed on Rio Metro buses.

Customers attempting to board with a Segway under the influence of intoxicating substances including alcohol and/or drugs will not be permitted to board.

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